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Lemon tree Barcelona

Lemon tree

Price 44.21 €

Lemon trees are always delivered with lemons in their branches. A young and...

Bonsai Barcelona

Ficus Bonsai

Price 22.31 €

This beautiful and balanced little tree is a bonsai of the ficus variety. Popularly known as Ficus Ginsenc, it is a plant that adapts perfectly...

Flors Amatller selection

Flors Amatller selection

Price 11.57 €

A special gift, for a special person. We deliver in Barcelona, this wonderful selection of chocolates and chocolates of flors from Casa...

Delivery Mimosa to Barcelona

Mimosa to Barcelona

Price 18.18 €

We deliver mimosa flowers to Barcelona, on March 8, International Women's Day (IWD),Arrangements with mimosa flowers

17 red roses to Barcelona.

17 red roses.

Price 49.59 €

Bouquet of 17 beautiful red roses. Delivery in Barcelona and its metropolitan...

 basket cactus to Barcelona

basket cactus

Price 49.59 €

Simple and elegant center cactus, to arouse passion in lovers of these succulent plants,...

Bouquet of flowers to Barcelona

Bouquet Magic

Price 30.58 €

Yellow and orange are the main colors of this fashionable bouquet. Let your friends and relatives have the magic of color. Ideal for sharing...

Planta Antutim Rojo


Price 20.66 €

Our online shop also offers you a red-coloured anthurium. It's a tropical plant that can live indoors perfectly. The intense colour or its...