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Give plants and orchids in Barcelona. Delivery outside and houseplants, orchids, bonsai and citrus trees fruit trees, in Barcelona and metropolitan area.

Lemon tree Barcelona

Lemon tree with lemons

Price 40.50 €

Lemon trees (1 - 1.30m) are always delivered with lemons in their branches. A young and daring gift, and above all, an original gift. The lemon...

Christmas tree

Christmas tree

Price 44.63 €

Nice variety of Christmas tree to Barcelona. This "Abies nordmanniana" to decorate the house in the traditional way. Usually decorated with...

Delivery Pointsettia Barcelona

Poinsettia Barcelona

Price 17.36 €

You can also buy a medium-size Poinsettia in our online shop. It has a deep red colour and a thick foliage, that turn this plant into an...


kumquat tree

Price 40.50 €

Delivery in Barcelona Kumquat plant. This funny tree is ideal for terraces and Mediterranean balconies. Its edible fruit, orange, are very...



Price 49.59 €

The Kentia Palm (Howea Forsteriana) more than 2 meters high, is, without a doubt, a very good option, if you are looking to give away, or also...

Phalaenopsis Barcelona

Lilac Phalenopsis

Price 21.49 €

 This is an orchidea of phalenopsis specie in colour or tone lilac. Den two stems. Perfect the climate of for Barcelona.

Cyclamen basket to Barcelona

Cyclamen basket.

Price 18.60 €

Color in the middle of winter. This is the cyclamens, cheerful plants, to give color, in the grayest and coldest months. They adapt perfectly to...

Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa

Price 28.93 €

Climbing plant, with large green leaves, heart-shaped, suitable for growing indoors, in bright places, such as in shady outdoor gardens,...

White Phalaenopsis (orchid)

White Phalenopsis

Price 22.31 €

This is a white orchidea, of high quality.  It's perfect for surprising the loved ones. There is no flower, so elegant and ethereal, as the...

Bonsai Barcelona

Ficus Bonsai

Price 28.10 €

This beautiful and balanced little tree is a bonsai of the ficus variety. Popularly known as Ficus Ginsenc, it is a plant that adapts perfectly...

Alocasia Amazonica.

Alocasia Amazonica.

Price 28.93 €

Home delivery of this Alocasia Amazonica in the city of Barcelona and nearby towns. It is served with a...

Beaucarnea Recurvata, in the city of Barcelona.

Beaucarnea Recurvata

Price 29.75 €

We deliver this spectacular and elegant plant from Beaucarnea Recurvata, in the city of Barcelona.

Aromatic basket plants deliver to Barcelona

Aromatic basket

Price 47.93 €

Rosemary plants in flower, lavender lilac spikes, aroma and essence of thyme, fresh mint ... deliver this generous basket of aromatic and...

Azalea Basket

Azalea Basket

Price 23.14 €

Nice basket of Azaleas. We deliver it where you indicate us in the city of Barcelona. A joyful and abundant flowering gift.

 basket cactus to Barcelona

basket cactus

Price 49.59 €

Simple and elegant center cactus, to arouse passion in lovers of these succulent plants,...

Alocasia Zebrina

Alocasia Zebrina

Price 32.64 €

Alocasia Zebrina, is characterized by its large heart-shaped leaves, and its petioles, with stripes reminiscent of zebras. It is delivered at...

Delivery Plants to Barcelona

Dracaena Marginata

Price 34.71 €

We deliver in Barcelona, this beautiful plant. Give this plant if you want your gift to have...

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Barcelona

Price 20.66 €

Give this pretty plant Aloe Vera, with many properties. The Aloe Vera, is perfectly suited to the climate of Barcelona, both inside, and...

Zamioculca Barcelona


Price 20.66 €

Giving these beautiful Zamia plants in Barcelona is a perfect option, because they are plants of great strength and endurance.

Cesta Plantas Variadas

Emerald basket

Price 36.36 €


This plant basket becomes very lively and festive. It's worked with growing indoor plants, and it will...

Center of Christmas plants to Barcelona.

Center of plants

Price 23.97 €

Center of Christmas plants, consisting of conifers, heather,...

Delivery Plants Barcelona


Price 20.66 €

Our online shop also offers you a red-coloured anthurium. It's a tropical plant that can live indoors perfectly. The intense colour or its...

Planta de Bromelia


Price 18.18 €

This guzmania is a plant that belongs to bromelias family. It has an easy growing and the lingering flower turn this plant into a showy and...

Autumn basket

Autumn basket

Price 15.70 €

Autumn enters step by step in the heart of Barcelona. It's time for warm colors, leaf litter, and sharing at home, the arrival of the cold. A...

Plants Barcelona

Spathiphyllum plant

Price 19.01 €

Delivery of this plant in Barcelona Spathiphyllum plant resistant highly durable and easy to...

Nepenthes in a vase.

Nepenthes in a vase.

Price 47.93 €

Spectacular carnivorous plant (Nepenthes), planted in a vase, to be delivered in the city of Barcelona. By presenting the Nephentes (also called...

Jarron Phalenopsis

Stratum cantre

Price 57.85 €

This plant composition is made in a crystal bowl. It's worked with a phalaenopsis orchidea as a basis, and it's flanked with other decorative...

Delivery plats in Barcelona

Snake Plant

Price 23.14 €

Send this beautiful plant Sansevieria to the city of Barcelona. This plant is very hardy and perfectly adabta the Mediterranean climate of...

Barca spatiphilium

Venus basket

Price 36.36 €

This plants centre is presented in a decorative basis. It's composed of Spatiphilium, Kalanchoe, bromelias and other growing indoor plants.

Cesta Kalanchoe

Cesta Kalanchoe

Price 18.18 €

Basket of indoor or outdoor plants in Barcelona. Ideal as a gift.

Centro Orquideas y flor

Melody centre

Price 45.45 €

This centre has been elaborated with a phalaenopsis plant and a floral composition. Its duality (plant and cut flower) is the main...

Cenntro orquideas

Vela latina

Price 62.00 €

Orchid plant center, combined with soft colors in white and yellow. with spatiphyllum or other indoor plants.

Centro de rosas y orquideas

Armony centre

Price 49.59 €

This centre has been elaborated with a phalaenopsis plant and a floral composition. Its duality (plant and cut flower) is the main...

Christrose to Barcelona, heleborus

Christrose to Barcelona

Price 12.40 €

We deliver in Barcelona, during the holidays, this beautiful plant "Helleborus verboom" advent, accompanying the best wishes for the future...