Send, and delivery of bouquets of roses in Barcelona City and its metropolitan area.
Bouquet 9 Red Roses

9 Red Roses

Price 23.97 €

Beautiful bouquet of 9 red roses delivered in Barcelona. Quality roses, made in our local florist and hand-delivered by our...

10 Rainbow roses

10 Rainbow roses

Price 26.45 €

Beautiful bouquet of 10 roses of every color, they say I love you. Shipping to Barcelona, multicolored roses, in a bouquet, to say, i love you...

Bouquet 12 Pink Roses

Bouquet of 12 pink roses

Price 31.40 €

A bouquet made from 12 roses, of pink colour. They are long stem roses of high quality, and the composition has been thought to share emotions.

Basket of assorted roses in Barcelona.

Basket of assorted roses

Price 40.91 €

A beautiful center of roses bright and varied colors to celebrate valentines day who want more. 15 diferent...

15 big Red Roses

15 Red Roses "Premium"

Price 39.67 €

Send to Barcelona 15 red roses. Long Stem Roses maximum fresh. We deliver your...

Bouquet 25 Roses

Bouquet 25 Roses

Price 66.12 €

Serve this spectacular bouquet is made from 25 red long stem roses, to the city of Barcelona (Spain) . Roses are always elegant and attractive,...

Jarron de rosas a Barcelona

12 roses in a vase

Price 57.02 €

Nice vase 12 red roses.
We deliver flowers, in all Barcelona and bordering towns of the metropolitan area.

Барселоне 101 Roses !!

101 Roses !!

Price 206.61 €

Send 101 roses to the city of Barcelona. Pretty basket of 101 red roses, freshness guaranteed. Delivery flowers in hotels Barcelona, deliver on...

Ramo de 12 Rosas Blancas

Bouquet 11 white roses

Price 32.23 €

An elegant and delicate floral work made from a 11 of white roses. This pure colour and the serenity of the flowers that form the

21 Rosas en jarron.

Vase of 21 Red roses

Price 82.64 €

This is a glass of 21 red roses of high quality. It's presented in a glass vase, to improve the durability and conservation of the premium...

Sant jordi Barcelona

35 Red Roses Long Stem

Price 89.26 €

Beautiful and elegant bouquet of 35 red roses for a special occasion. The flowers can closer two very distant points, and cause a reaction.

Centro de rosas y orquideas

Armony centre

Price 57.85 €

This centre has been elaborated with a phalaenopsis plant and a floral composition. Its duality (plant and cut flower) is the main...

17 red roses to Barcelona.

17 red roses.

Price 41.32 €

Bouquet of 17 beautiful red roses. Delivery in Barcelona and its metropolitan...

Roses of Sant Jordi

Roses of Sant Jordi

Price 20.66 €

We deliver roses from Sant Jordi in Barcelona in the last days of April.

Sant Jordi roses

Sant Jordi roses

Price 24.79 €

Lot of three Sant Jordi Roses, so that no one is left without a rose. A neighbor, a friend, a coworker, the man from the pharmacy ... you will...

Red rose with heart.

Red rose with heart.

Price 22.31 €

Beautiful and traditional heart-shaped vase with a red Sant Jordi rose.