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Bouquets and flowers

We are a florist in the city of Barcelona (Spain), we offer a wide variety of bouquets and flower arrangements for all celebrations. In our Barcelona flower shop , we make the most beautiful bouquets of flowers. Deliver flowers to Barcelona.
Flowers low cost Barcelona

Nidularium Bouquet

Price 23.14 €

Delivery to Barcelona, this bouquet of flowers, is made from lilium, gerberas and other wild flowers. It's prepared in an enveloping structure,...

Exotic flowers Barcelona

Protea Bouquet

Price 34.71 €

This bouquet is essentially made from proteas and other exotic flowers and buds. So, it becomes and special and special bunch.

Sunflowers Barcelona

Bouquet Sunflowers

Price 33.06 €

Cheerful bouquet of sunflowers. Delivery to Barcelona this wild sunflower bouquet. Without doubt, one of the most prized flowers in all...

Delivery a Bunch of flowers to Barcelona

Bunch Eolo

Price 32.23 €

Astonishing bunch of flowers ready to be home delivered at Barcelona. Vivid colors within a suggestive selection of fresh...

Ramo de flor con alstromeria, rosas, ammis en Barcelona

Tundra bouquet

Price 28.93 €


This floral composition is made from roses and pink-coloured alstroemeria. It's a bouquet more natural and...

Bouquet of gerberas

Bouquet of gerberas

Price 31.40 €

In our flower shop in the neighborhood of Gracia, we developed this nice flower bouquet gerberas and green ornamental. Gerbera...

Ramo Party Barcelona

Party Bouquet

Price 29.75 €


This bouquet is made from red, orange and rose flowers. It basically consists of liliums, gerberas and...

Bunch flowers Barcelona

Bouquet Primavera

Price 29.75 €

Chrysanthemums and gerberas are the basic nature of this bouquet. Get the great quality at the best price. Wonder your near and dear with this...

Bouquet of flowers to Barcelona

Bouquet Magic

Price 30.58 €

Yellow and orange are the main colors of this fashionable bouquet. Let your friends and relatives have the magic of color. Ideal for sharing...


White daisies bouquet

Price 23.97 €

We deliver in Barcelona beautiful white daisies. White flowers, fresh, and that transmit purity and serenity. White daisies are one of the most...

White flower Vase Barcelone

White flower vase

Price 41.32 €

We deliver in the city of Barcelona, a wonderful vase of white flowers. Composed of Lilies, Eustoma, Gerberas or other seasonal...

Vase flowers Barcelona

Corolla vase

Price 47.93 €

Home delivery of this vase of flowers to Barcelona.

10 Rainbow roses

10 Rainbow roses

Price 29.75 €

Beautiful bouquet of 10 roses of every color, they say I love you. Shipping to Barcelona, multicolored roses, in a bouquet, to say, i love you...

Basket of assorted roses in Barcelona.

Basket of assorted roses

Price 57.85 €

A beautiful center of roses bright and varied colors to celebrate valentines day who want more. 15 diferent...

Yellow roses barcelona

Bouquet of 5 yellow roses

Price 19.01 €

A bouquet of 5 yellow roses, that becomes lively, fresh and informal. Surprise with flowers in Barcelona.

Roses to Barcelona. Barcelona Flowershop.

Bouquet roses Barcelona

Price 29.75 €

Bouquet of fragrant red roses, white and pink. Cheerful, romantic Bouquet. This colorful bouquet is the perfect gift for delivery in barcelona.

Bouquet 12 Pink Roses

Bouquet of 12 pink roses

Price 39.67 €

A bouquet made from 12 roses, of pink colour. They are long stem roses of high quality, and the composition has been thought to share emotions.

Ramo de 12 Rosas Blancas

Bouquet 11 white roses

Price 36.36 €

An elegant and delicate floral work made from a 11 of white roses. This pure colour and the serenity of the flowers that form the bouquet, make...

Bouquet 25 Roses

Bouquet 25 Roses

Price 78.51 €

Serve this spectacular bouquet is made from 25 red long stem roses, to the city of Barcelona (Spain) . Roses are always elegant and attractive,...

Sant jordi Barcelona

35 Red Roses Long Stem

Price 103.31 €

Beautiful and elegant bouquet of 35 red roses for a special occasion. The flowers can closer two very distant points, and cause a reaction.

Bouquet of 12 red roses

Bouquet of 12 red roses

Price 34.71 €

This bouquet presents 12 red roses of excellent quality. Delivery in Barcelona. Our roses are of high grade, so they make this floral...

11 Red Roses

11 Red Roses

Price 36.36 €

Beautiful bouquet of eleven red roses. The rose, for its simplicity and elegance, is the flower that faithfully communicates feelings.

15 big Red Roses

15 Red Roses "Premium"

Price 44.63 €

Send to Barcelona 15 red roses. Long Stem Roses maximum fresh. We deliver your...

Bouquet 9 Red Roses

9 Red Roses

Price 25.62 €

Beautiful bouquet of 9 red roses delivered in Barcelona. Quality roses, made in our local florist and hand-delivered by our carrier. Quality...

Барселоне 101 Roses !!

101 Roses !!

Price 330.58 €

Send 101 roses to the city of Barcelona. Pretty basket of 101 red roses, freshness guaranteed. Delivery flowers in hotels Barcelona, deliver on...

60 Red Roses Long Stem (70cm)

60 Red Roses Long Stem.

Price 206.61 €

Delivery to Barcelona, 60 Red roses Extra (Long stem 70cm) , A spectacular bouquet of flowers, very large, that will surely make whoever...

Centro de rosas y orquideas

Armony centre

Price 56.20 €

This centre has been elaborated with a phalaenopsis plant and a floral composition. Its duality (plant and cut flower) is the main...

17 red roses to Barcelona.

21 red roses.

Price 61.16 €

Bouquet of 21 beautiful red roses. Delivery in Barcelona and its metropolitan area. Bouquet of 21 beautiful red roses. Delivery in Barcelona and...

Heart of Roses

Heart of Roses

Price 74.38 €

A powerful center, which clearly expresses the love you feel for her! Heart of roses, to convey the love you feel for her. We deliver to...

Bouquet 39 Tulips

Bouquet 39 Tulips

Price 49.59 €

Send 39 tulips to Barcelona, and celebrate a birthday, February 14 Valentine's Day, International Women's Day...

Jarron de rosas a Barcelona

12 roses in a vase

Price 56.20 €

Nice vase 12 red roses.
We deliver flowers, in all Barcelona and bordering towns of the metropolitan area.

Tulips Barcelona

Bouquet 19 tulips Bcn.

Price 24.79 €

Tulips, are some of the flowers cultivated more appreciated in the world. The bouquet is composed of 19 brightly colored tulips. It is a...

Delivery Mimosa to Barcelona

Mimosa to Barcelona

Price 14.88 €

We deliver mimosa flowers to Barcelona, on March 8, International Women's Day (IWD),Arrangements with mimosa flowers

Bouquet from 9 peonies to...

Bouquet from 9 peonies to Barcelona

Price 66.12 €

We deliver in Barcelona a beautiful 9 peon bouquet.

The Paeonies (Peonias) are spectacular flowers, of great beauty, and luxury, ideal to...

Bouquet roses Barcelona


Price 53.72 €

Delivery to BARCELONA 18 red roses. Next day and Same day delivery.