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Wreath and baskets

Manufacture and delivery of flower arrangements in Barcelona. Fresh flower arrangements, of all styles and for every occasion. Centers of roses, wildflowers, lilies, and other flowers, to be closer to Bcn.
Cesta Lilium Blanco

Sunrise floral centre

Price 40.50 €

This arrangement has a great variety of flowers, specially the aromatic liliums. It becomes a lively floral combination, perfect to surprise...

Centro Lila

Lilac centre

Price 44.63 €

This floral work is presented in a rustic wicker basis. It's made from pink and lilac flowers. We love Barcelona flowers.

Cyclamen basket to Barcelona

Cyclamen basket.

Price 18.60 €

Color in the middle of winter. This is the cyclamens, cheerful plants, to give color, in the grayest and coldest months. They adapt perfectly to...

Centro rosas y lilium

Balance centre

Price 31.40 €

The balance centre is a floral work of calmed colours. It's a minimal arrangement that becomes an exclusive gift.

Azalea Basket

Azalea Basket

Price 23.14 €

Nice basket of Azaleas. We deliver it where you indicate us in the city of Barcelona. A joyful and abundant flowering gift.

Centro formal Naranja

Orange centre

Price 39.67 €

This is a formal, round and orange-coloured centre. Sending in Barcelona. It's made from wild flowers and lots of green leaves flanking them.

Cesta Plantas Variadas

Emerald basket

Price 36.36 €


This plant basket becomes very lively and festive. It's worked with growing indoor plants, and it will...

Centro Orquideas y flor

Melody centre

Price 45.45 €

This centre has been elaborated with a phalaenopsis plant and a floral composition. Its duality (plant and cut flower) is the main...

Fruit Basket to Barcelona

Fruit Basket to Barcelona

Price 37.19 €

Shipping delivery i baskets with fresh fruits and nuts to Barcelona. Baskets of high quality fruit. Barcelona fruits baskets. Barcelona nearest...

Cesta Gama

Range basket

Price 56.20 €

This is a classical floral arrangement, round-shaped and of large size. It's made from liliums, chrysanthemums and other flanking flowers. It...

Aromatic basket plants deliver to Barcelona

Aromatic basket

Price 47.93 €

Rosemary plants in flower, lavender lilac spikes, aroma and essence of thyme, fresh mint ... deliver this generous basket of aromatic and...

Basket of assorted roses in Barcelona.

Basket of assorted roses

Price 57.85 €

A beautiful center of roses bright and varied colors to celebrate valentines day who want more. 15 diferent...

Autumn basket

Autumn basket

Price 15.70 €

Autumn enters step by step in the heart of Barcelona. It's time for warm colors, leaf litter, and sharing at home, the arrival of the cold. A...