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Legal purchase conditions

1.- Purchase system and procedure:

The online purchasing system is submitted to the on force legislation and it is governed by the Trade and Civil Codes, and by other civil and commercial laws about contracts, specially the law for the information society and electronic commerce, the law on consumer and user protection and commercial activity organization, as well as the law of data protection. Using this purchasing system, users can buy products, and send them to the indicated consignee, without jetting around.

The identification data of the manager of the shop are:

Roger Pascual Pey
NIF: 46.237.372-N

Travessera de dalt, 21 08024 Barcelona.

2. – Online store operability. How to register at the store

When a customer is accessing the site for the first time and wants to buy a product, he will be registered when he will have filled in the form appearing in the screen, when the purchase is closed.

From that moment, he will be FLOWERS TO BARCELONA costumer, and will appear in our broadband internet customer base. This customer will be able to access to all the services available in the website, now and in the future.

Given the nature of the product sold in our online store (flowers and plants to be sent as a gift, etc) it is very important for us to have access to the maximum amount of information possible (addresses and phone numbers contact) to be able to resolve any unforeseen event that may arise in the preparation of the assignment, or in the delivery.

3.- Products:

FLOWERS TO BARCELONA offers a wide range of flowers, plants and arrangements. The products images shown on the web can vary significantly, because all the plants are not identical, and bunch of flowers are unique art creations. So, they will be made according to the model in the web, but it won't always be accurate.

The prices of the online store products include the VAT applicable. All the products prices are displayed in euro. If a bunch or arrangement has complements, as vases, the price will display their specific cost.

If any product is not available when the bunch or arrangement is being prepared in the flower shop, it is reserved the right to replace it unilaterally. The replacement product will be similar, and it will be of the same quality (or higher) as the original one.

4.- Making the purchase:

Our online store shows the available products, which will vary according to their availability and the season of the year.

The consumer will browse the web, adding the chosen products to the buying basket. When the selection of articles will be finished, the order confirmation will request the data needed to process the transactions.

From this moment, it is considered that the user accepts the General Conditions of Purchase published in this page. If he does not accept them, he can withdraw from the purchase clicking on the Cancel button.

Once the General Conditions of Purchase are express and completely accepted, FLOWERS TO BARCELONA will send to the customer a proof of the contracting, by mail.

5.- Products delivery:

The presentation of the products will be through a delivery system, according to the conditions set out in the website, both with respect to the territorial scope and the time slot of the delivery, which will be chosen when the purchase is done. In the mornings, it will be from 9h to 15h, and in the afternoons, from 14h to 22 h.

The delivery of the product will be effective when the user payment will be confirmed.

When the consignee receives the product, he must sign the delivery note according to the delivery has been completed.

FLOWERS TO BARCELONA assumes no liability for the delay in the delivery of the orders, if it is not directly attributable to the shop, or by force majeure, specified in the General Conditions of Purchase.

If the consignee is not available when the delivery, the product can be left to a relative, a person living with him, the doorman, or a neighbour. They will sign the delivery note, committing to give it to the consignee. If it is not possible to deliver the product to anyone, a note will be left to program a new delivery, which may have an additional cost.

If we cannot deliver the product because the address is incorrect, we will contact the user as soon as possible to rectify the error, and prepare a new delivery, which may have an additional cost. FLOWERS TO BARCELONA assumes no liability if the delivery cannot be made because the information provided is not correct, and it has not been corrected.

If the consignee of the product refuses the delivery, or is absent from his home at least 48 hours, according it is a perishable product, FLOWERS TO BARCELONA will communicate with the user, but it will not refund the amount, or other sum of money.

6.- Delivery cost

The delivery cost in Barcelona city will be 5 euro for any order, VAT included. It will be charged in the final price, when the purchase is accepted. In the neighbourhood and province of Barcelona, the delivery cost will vary, according to the place of destination.

When the user accepts the purchase, the delivery cost is indicated. If he does not accept it, he can cancel the transaction.

If the user requests it, he can pick the product himself in the shop.

7. - Cancellations, changes and refunds

If the user wants to make any change in the assignment, he can contact with the customer service of FLOWERS TO BARCELONA, although any change will be accepted if it is not asked at least two working days before the delivery date.

If the user wants to cancel delivery at least seven working days before the date, there will be a full refund. If he cancels between 7 and 3 working days before the delivery date, will be reimbursed up to 50%. If he cancels two days or less before, FLOWERS TO BARCELONA will not refund any amount.

Pursuant to article 45 of the law 6/96 dated January 15, on retail commerce regulations; the customer shall not return any perishable or fresh product to FLOWERS TO BARCELONA, if the return is within 24 hours of the delivery.

8.- Payment systems

The following credit cards are accepted for payment:

Visa Electrón
(Lo acabará de llenar Lidia)

It also will be accepted any card with safe online shopping new system.

FLOWERS TO BARCELONA guarantees the total security of the transactions. We have the latest technological standards related to security protocols and systems.

The system Sermepa of Banco de Sabadell is used to make charges, with total security assurance, regarding the card and its number control.

9. - Confidentiality and security

FLOWERS TO BARCELONA maintains a confidentiality policy as regards the information provided by the customers, and is committed to the protection of personal data of the online store customers. The protection afforded extends also to the information provided through the website, collection and use.

For more information about confidentiality and security, please visit our legal notice and privacy policy at this web.

10.- Force majeure

Force majeure means, including but not limited to (i), any foreseen event, or that expected o foreseeable, were unavoidable (ii), mistakes in the access of the website (iii), problems in the electrical power supply, or in the telephone lines (iv), the harm caused by others or attacks to the website server (viruses) that compromise the quality of services and are not directly attributable to FLOWERS TO BARCELONA, or the user, (v) the errors in the transmission, distribution, storage, or delivery to others of the products and the content of the website, (vi) errors in the reception, elicitation and access to supermarket by the others, (vii) fires, (viii) floods or earthquakes, (ix) strikes or other labour disruptions that had an adverse impact in the commodity supply chain and, therefore, the full performance of the obligations accepted by FLOWERS TO BARCELONA, (x) the poverty or limited electrical energy or fuel availability, (xi) accidents, (xii) armed conflicts, (xiii) trade or other kind of embargoes, (xiv) blockade, (xv) disturbances, or (xvi) any government regulation.

11. - Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These general conditions of purchase will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws generally applicable in Spain.

For any litigious question derivative of the existence, access, use or contents of these general conditions of purchase, both the client and FLOWERS TO BARCELONA, with express relinquishment to any other jurisdiction that could correspond, shall submit to the Courts and Tribunals of the City of Barcelona.

The acceptance of these general conditions of purchase by the costumer is a necessary condition for him to benefit from the online store service.

The customer declares under his own responsibility to have read the general conditions of purchase and the access and use of the website ones, and accept them.

FLOWERS TO BARCELONA is available to all users to improve the contents and services of its online store. Please send any suggestions or proposals to FLOWERS TO BARCELONA by means of the mail .......................... or the phone number 0034932841866